pay per call lead generation

Pay Per Call Leads – the secret

Pay Per Call Lead Generation

Imaging yourself in your prospects shoes for a moment. You  search – you see your number – you call you – right then when you’re hot. That’s the benefit to pay per call leads – hot prospects calling you right when they want to buy. As well as immediacy – for many people it’s a lot more attractive than filling in forms. With pay per call leads, you don’t have to play phone tag to call them back.

Just What is Pay Per Call?

We build assets. Lot’s of them – videos, websites, documents, citations even ads. We get them ranked on page one of search engimes. (How? That’s our secret sauce). Right up there. People searching for your business see one – often more – of these assets. How can they resist calling you, when you’re so important you’re all over the web? This is pay per call advertising.

Who Is Our Pay Per Call Service For?

We specialise in local companies – people who provide a service to a community. Like you. So our pay per call programs  – our marketing methods – are set up for brick and morter businesses. For local lead generation. Whether you’re a deck builder or a dentist we can get you leads. We do have to be a fit – and you can book a consultation so we can find out if you are. (And my leads are exclusive to you – so if there’s already a similar business I’m serving in your area we’ll have to pass). And that’s why we are a bit different

New Pay Per Call Platform

As well as getting people calling you when they are hot to talk, you get access to our play per call platform. This means that you can monitor every call you get. So, with our pay per call tracking software, you can make sure that you are getting calls from genuine prospects. You can make sure you are getting your money’s worth from our service. You can also check on the people who answer the phone for you – some clients have found that they don’t! You can also review and coach your sales people – even yourself if you choose to.

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How Does Pay Per Call Tracking Software Compare

We were driven to create this new lead generation service. When we talked to people about how they got leads, they were often very happy with their word of mouth. They were universally less happy with every other marketing system they had. Website? Looks lovely, but you said … little action. Adwords? Increasingly expensive and often that paid for click reults in … nothing. Leads from giant national companies? You said they were shared with your competitors, so you all paid to enter a price war.

We are different. Your leads are exclusive. There’s no long contract to tie you in. Everything is tracked on our play per call platform so you know you’re getting a return. We offer a package of leads tailored to your business so that you don’t get an unexpected bill when we over-deliver. We give you a performance guarantee.

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