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The FTC has Started to Look at Small Businesses

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Pay back 1300 customers!

Can you imagine this? You must pay $2,950,000 back to your customers. That’s the best deal you can make with the Federal Trade Commission.

$2,950,000. That makes the fine for getting children to gamble in the UK look like… almost nothing. Pity (or blame) poor Dr. Mercola who told he had to repay 1300 customers their money back. Here he is, I bet he doesn’t look so happy now. Aaaarrrrrrggggh!

The FTC have imposed many fines of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. $7 gets you started on protecting yourself from the easily made mistakes that could get you in trouble with the STC. (I use FTC Guardian. So I’m protecting myself by telling you that I get paid a little if you do!)

Yes, I watched Phil’s video. (“GUILTY! Huge Child Gambling Youtube Scandal Ends In Massive $100K+ Punishment” on his channel “Philip DeFranco”.) It’s about some trivial fine in the UK. I came to just one conclusion: law enforcement in the US is serious!

FTC Internet? – it’s no game

Image you get a call from your banker one fine afternoon. “I’m sorry,” he says, “I have just frozen your company bank account.” What’re you going to do now when your personal bank account is empty and mortgage payment’s due? How will you even pay your employees? What employees!

Yes, the FTC can do that. They can make you that you refund all your customers money. They can ‘agree’ that you report to them your every move for 10 or 20 years. They can seize any pitiful assets you have left in the company. They can fine you so much even The Donald would wince. And if you can’t pay, they can ‘agree’ with you that you pay all your personal assets. And in return they’ll graciously suspending the remainder of the judgement.

FTC Internet

So that’s game over.

And since the end of 2014 the FTC have been going after the little guys. Like you and me. They do this by looking at the whole field associated with a massive bust. So it’s hit and miss at the moment what’s attracting their attention. You’ll might get hit just because someone else did some serious bad stuff.

They also have a ‘sales funnel’ – maybe just like you. Google “FTC Complaint” and guess who’s #1? And people do fill out these forms – maybe someone you pissed off today is doing just that. Or maybe one of your competitors?

They use their version of ‘affiliate marketing’ too. They get fed complaints reported to the BBB, they look at blog posts and tweets.

If you’re lucky you may just get a letter suggesting that you review your website. Or they may ask you to justify yourself. If you don’t cooperate, or they don’t like the answer, you’ll get a ‘Civil Investigative Demand’.

Now you’re on the way.

FTC Guardian Audit May Save Your Hide


A company’s failure to comply with the Principles is enforceable under Section 5 of the FTC Act prohibiting unfair and deceptive acts. The FTC has committed to make enforcement of the Framework a high priority, and will work together with EU privacy authorities to protect consumer privacy on both sides of the Atlantic. 25 Jul 2016

It’s said that they are looking at these areas at the moment:
• Unsubstantiated claims
• Testimonial disclosures failures
• Affiliate marketers
• Coaching programs
• Privacy Policy Statements

So I’d better disclose to you that the link below is an affiliate link and I get paid a little if you follow it. I like this. I paid for my subscription before I became an affiliate, because I wanted to protect myself.

You can too – you can start for as little as $7 for an FTC Guardian audit of your site.

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